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What Determines Cost?

The factors that most affect cost are the type and color of the stone selected, and, for larger jobs, the number of slabs used. Here are some representative examples of cost ranges for granite countertops for a typical kitchen. (CLICK each image for a larger view)
Up to the mid $2,000s

The most affordable countertops require one slab of granite in widely-available colors. The granite usually has a consistent, even-toned overall pattern. The overall pattern makes it easier to match the stone at seams and corners.
St. Cecilia
Tan Brown
Upper $2,000s to mid $3,000s

Countertops in the mid-level cost range still use one slab. Granite in this price range still features somewhat consistent patterns in the stone. Mid-range stone may not be as widely available as those that cost less.
New Venetian Gold
Black Absolute
Giallo Vincenza
Above the mid $3,000s

Jobs in the high $3,000 — or jobs that are even much more expensive — often require two or more slabs. The most expensive granite has more veining in the stone, and/or iridescent flecks of copper or other minerals.
Blue Pearl
Crema Bordeaux
Black Galaxy
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